Can MaholÓ

Can MaholÓ- Rural tourism -

A house with eight hundred years
of history to live your holiday

Activities Discover La Garrotxa

Just walk out the door as you enjoy the countryside: picking asparagus in spring, berries and figs in the summer, mushrooms in autumn. All this without leaving the property.

The closest to us

Sant Pere de Lligordà Romanesque church of the XII-XIII century. There are a wood carving of St. Peter and a font of alabaster Beuda, both modern works by local artists.You will find the key to visit it at can Maholà.  
Sant Sepulcre de Palera Ancient Benedictine priory of the tenth century basilica structure with three apses. Visitors to this church have the same privileges as those who visit the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.
Historically it was a great center of pilgrimage. Annex to the church is the old monastery, which in 2012 finished restoration to turn it into a restaurant and cultural center, also guarded the key visit.
Santa Maria de Palera Small Romanesque church of the twelfth century. The original image of the rod is exposed to the Museum of Girona, in Santa Maria is a copy of the mob "Laughing Lady".
At the appendix house, la Maso (one of the oldest in the town) you will find the key.
Queixàs' Castle It is on the left of the road leading to core Beuda. It was built in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries largely preserving its structure. Because it is private you can not visit.  
Sant Feliu de Beuda XI century Romanesque church built with three naves and three apses. Inside remains a font of the same century. Can found the key to the rectory or the council.  
Dels Moros'Castle Medieval ruins in the IX-XV centuries. Situated atop a hill retains a round tower, the tower, the entrance to the walls and tanks. Can only be reached on foot along a short but very entietlet path.  
Santa Maria de Segueró XI-century church with semicircular apse which was fortified in the fifteenth century. It retains a Gothic image of the Virgin Mary with the child and two tapestries: the Novenari of Souls and the Monument of Holy Thursday. We can see a reproduction of an altarpiece that is at diocesan museum of Girona. Also on display weapons found in the last restoration. The key can be ordered at the rectory or can Felicia (rural tourism).  
Falgars tower Circular construction from the Roman period. It was constructed there for its strategic location overlooking the Empordà Plan and La Garrotxa. You can access walking from the road up to El Mont.  
Castle of Segueró It was built in the eleventh century. Its shape is more like a fortified house than a castle. Because it is a private building is not open to the public.  
El Mont sanctuary Sanctuary located at 1115 meters with magnificent views to the Canigou, the Gulf of Roses, the Lake of Banyoles, La Garrotxa ...
The popular voice says that in days of north wind you can see up to seven bishops. From this viwer point Jacint Verdaguer was inspired to write the poem "Canigou", nowadays still keeps his bedroom. More info in "landscape and nature."
Archaeological ruins of Sant Llorenç de Sous By road to El Mont are the ruins of the old Benedictine monastery of St. Llorenç de Sous. In feudal period these monks were lords of a small area that included the lands and farmhouse of can Maholà.   photo
Besalú Old center of County Besalu that still preserves important vestiges from Jewish neighborhood and several Romanesque and Gothic of the medieval period. More information in "medieval villages".   web
Trip Lligordà-Palera-Lligordà Short trip close Can Mahola. You can walk out from Can Maholà either drive 1 km by car to Lligordà exit. It makes little elevation but is not suitable for strollers, so small children must be carried in a backpack. More info "to do with children."   photo

Medieval villages

Besalú   3 km.   2-4 h. easy web
Santa Pau   34 km.   1 h. easy web
Monells (Cruilles)   48 km.   1 h. easy web
Peratallada (Forallac)   62 km.   1 h. easy web
Pals   65 km.   1 h. easy web
St. Llorenç de la Muga   43 km.   1 h. easy web

To do with children

Trip Lligordà-Palera-Lligordà   1 km. +4 years
4 km
1 h. easy photo
Prehistoric caves of Serinyà   10 km. +4 years 1 h. easy web
Waterfowl of Banyoles Lake   12 km. 1 year   easy photo
Banyoles Lake by bike   12 km. 8 km. 30 m. easy web
Neolithic Park la Draga (Banyoles)   12 km. +4 years 1 h. easy web
Butterfly Center of Castelló d'Empúries   39 km. +4 years 1-2 h. easy web
Alberes' Tortoise breeding center (Garriguella)   43 km. +2 years 1-2 h. easy web
Recasens castel   52 km. +6 years 2 h. medium web
Sant Ferran castel-The Cathedral of Water (Figueres)   27 km. +3 years 2 h. medium web
Molló Park (Children must be carried)   58 km. +2 years 12 h. difficult web
Catalan donkey rides (Les Preses)   31 km.       web

Landscape and Nature

El Mont -by car   22 km. 0 km. 4 h.   web
El Mont - on foot   3 km. 12 km. 2 h. medium web
Banyoles lake and les Estunes   12 km. 8 km.   easy web
Volcanic area of la Garrotxa -Volcanos and Fageda   23 km.     variable web
Alta Garrotxa - hiking         variable web
Alta Garrotxa -guiaded trips       3-8 h. variable web
Ruta Oix – Beget – Molló – Camprodon - Olot   27 km. 90 km. 1 day   web
Vall de Núria   70 km.
  1 day variable web
Cap de Creus lighthouse   75 km. 0 km.     web
Massís del Montgí   57 km. 3 km. 1:30 h. medium web
Costa Brava   40-50 km.       web
Empordà marshes  

40 km.

    easy web
Ronda paths (Costa Brava)   40-50 km.     variable web
Trips and horse excursions   7 km.     variable web
Golf   17 km.       web
Balloon flight   31 km.   1 morning easy web

Cultural visits

Besalú - guiadgeg tour   3 km.   1 h. easy web
St. Pere de Rodes   50 km.   1 h. easy web
Dali museum   27 km.   3-4 h. easy web
Dalí - Cadaqués & Portlligat   61 km. 1 km. 1 h. easy web
Dalí - Púbol Castel (La Pera)   45 km.   1 h. easy web
Peralada Castel   34 km     easy web
Monastery of Vilabertran   30 km.     easy web
Ruins of Empúries   50 km   2-4 h. easy web
Iberian settlement of Ullastret   55 km.   2-4 h. easy web
Ripoll and St. Joan de les Abadesses   55 km. 10 km. 1 day easy web
Girona - old district and walk through the city wall   35 km.   1 day easy web

150 km.

  1 day easy web

Gastronomic visits

Cellar La Vinyeta   40 km.     easy web
Empordàlia Cooperative (wine and oil) - Vilajuïga   41 km.     easy web
Restaurant Ca l'Enric (Vall de Bianya)   30 km.       web
Restaurant Les Cols (Olot)   25 km.       web
Restaurant ca l'Arpa (Banyoles)   16 km.       web
Restaurant Can Roca (Girona)   36 km       web